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Guide To Saving On Music Festival Tickets


How To Save On Music Festival Tickets

Festival Tips and Tricks

Music festivals are a rising trend in the U.S., and so much fun! Everyone should get to experience at least one!

Unfortunately, many can’t afford it. Ticket and food prices have inflated and are out of control. That is why I’m excited to bring you some unique ways to save on music festival prices so everyone can participate! 

Festivals Are Looking for Volunteers 

One of the best ideas I’ve found is to volunteer! Music festivals take volunteers to sell tickets, clean up, and sell merchandise in exchange for steeply discounted or even FREE entry! For only a few hours a day even. Plus, you get to enjoy the music while you work! Who doesn’t like to listen to music while they work!?

Early Bird Passes

You could also buy your tickets early. They call this the “early bird” tactic. You could save hundreds of dollars this way. However, tickets go on sale before the lineup comes out. This means you won’t know who you are going to see, so you have to hope to luck out.

Payment Plans

Many events offer payment plans if you don’t have the cash up front which can be a resourceful way to pay for the event. There are also some fantastic websites out there that offer coupons and discounts at no cost to you. For example, Groupon, Coupon Cabin, or Those are just a few of the many coupon sites out there. 

Save That Change Babe

Start a saving jar and every time you have a $5 bill put it in the jar. This adds up way fast than you can image and soon you'll have that festival paid for. 

Hydration Stations

Food costs at a festival add up really quick. Bringing your own water bottle and snacks can help reduce this cost. Protein drinks can also satisfy your hunger without burning a hole in your wallet!

Ride or Die Crew

Another way to save is to go in a group! Invite your friends, siblings, or cousins with you and split the travel and hotel or campsite costs. The more, the better!  

If there’s only one or two artists you’re dying to see, most festivals allow you to buy a day pass! If the rest of the music festival isn’t very important to you, then that only makes sense, right? It will also cut your costs at least in half. Even if you want to see the whole festival, yet your budget doesn’t allow it, a day pass is a way to participate in some of the fun.

Keep an eye out because we will be posting a list of festivals to volunteer at soon! 

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